Your guide through the CAEP review process

An outside resource with insider’s knowledge of the CAEP review process, customized to the level of support your program needs.

CAEP accreditation with average or below-average AFIs, with no stipulations

Sustainable Quality Assurance System in place that’s functional and maintainable

Faculty that buy into the process and remain engaged beyond the CAEP review process.

You’ve been tasked with your EPP’s CAEP review, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re not a full-time assessment and accreditation professional, and you have your hands full with your faculty workload already.

You’re short on both knowledge of the process and time to accomplish it.
The unknowns are intimidating, you’re stressed about finding the time to figure it all out, and you’re unsure you’ll have the support you need from the other faculty.

Getting your EPP accredited by CAEP shouldn’t be a painful process.

A partner you can trust

I understand how much you have on your plate as a faculty member in charge of your EPP’s CAEP review, and it can be difficult to even know where to start.

As an experienced CAEP reviewer, I provide educational preparation providers (EPPs) an outside resource with an insider’s perspective on the CAEP review process, to help you get your program across the finish line with confidence, ease, and as few AFIs or Stipulations as possible.

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What Educational Assurance can do for you

In addition getting their program CAEP-accredited, our clients enjoy these abilities we make possible for them.


get Help right When You NEed It

You’ll have access to a deep knowledge base of the CAEP accreditation process on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so you can get the answers you need right when you need them.


eliminate overwhelm

I’ll conduct an up-front analysis of what you’re already doing, identifying the good, the bad, and what needs attention immediately, so you can prioritize your resources accordingly.


Get a Tailored solution

Customizable packages to support you according to your program’s specific needs, so you only pay for the help you need, at any phase of your CAEP review.


Save Money and Resources

I provide manpower to assist you on your path to accreditation without the expense of a full-time staff member, so you can complete your reports on-time no matter how full your plate already is.


communicate with confidence

I can affirm your approach, helping you frame expectations for your team and your upper leadership, so you can move forward with confidence and gain the faculty buy-in you need.


work effectively

I’ll demystify what reviewers are expecting and help you structure your priorities to correspond, so you don’t waste time on non-essentials.

Three Simple Steps to CAEP Success

01 / Consult

Set up a Consult to discuss your EPP's specific needs. We'll formulate a plan for your success, and you'll be able to get all your questions answered.

02 / collaborate

We'll work together at the level of assistance mapped out in your consult throughout your entire CAEP review process.

03 / celebrate

Enjoy reporting your full CAEP Accreditation to your colleagues, with systems and processes in place to serve you for years to come!


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It's never too late

Get help during any part of the CAEP Review Process

Even if your EPP has already begun it’s CAEP Review Process, it’s not too late to bring in extra help. If the review process has become too arduous to be compatible with your workload or has become otherwise overwhelming, Educational Assurance is here for you!

Here are ways Educational Assurance can assist and support you during each phase of the CAEP Review Process:

1. Self-Study Report (SSR)

You will submit a self-study report (SSR), stating the evidence with which you meet each standard, about 12-18 months before your site visit. This will include a narrative for each standard, plus evidence of how you meet each standard.

How Educational Assurance Can Help:
  • Reviewing the SSR you’ve already compiled, create the SSR with you, or author it for you
  • Perform a SWOT analysis of your overall submission, creating an inventory of evidence you already have and making recommendations on evidence you may need to create or collect
  • Review of EPP-created evidence for sufficiency based on CAEP criteria
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2. Formative Feedback Report (FFR) and Addendum

CAEP reviewers read your narrative, assess it for compliance, and send a Formative Feedback Report (FFR) to the school. The report will list their recommendations for an Areas For Improvements (AFIs), or Stipulations.

Your EPP can respond again with an Addendum, a narrative and evidence respondent to what the reviewers have requested.  

How Educational Assurance Can Help:
  • Having been a reviewer, I can interpret the review team’s feedback and identify priorities for your EPP
  • Create a strategy and action plan for you to address the issues, in order to provide all evidence needed to appease the reviewers

3. Site Visit

A team of reviewers will visit your site, either in-person or virtually, for a series of meetings lasting 2-3 days, during which time they will review your program. 

How Educational Assurance Can Help:
  • Using my experience as a CAEP reviewer, I can help you to focus on the most important issues that will need to be addressed during the visit.
  • Develop a strategy to highlight the strengths of your program for the reviewers
  • Prepare you for what to expect during the on-site review process and how to position your EPP in the best light
  • If necessary, assist in crafting a rejoinder to address your review team’s final recommendations
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Expert assistance tailored to your needs

Whether you just need an expert pair of eyes to check your report before you submit, or you need help building your metrics and evidence from the ground up, Educational Assurance can provide the level of support you need, as determined in your initial consult. Below are a few examples of levels of support services provided.

Document REview

If you are comfortable with your data collection and compilation process, I can review your documents prior to submission and give you an insider's perspective on your level of compliance with each standard. Services are provided on an as-needed basis.

Document Assistance

I can assist you as you gather your evidence, creating an inventory of evidence you already have and making recommendations on evidence you may need to create or collect, as well as reviewing the document you author for sufficiency in complying with CAEP standards. Services would be available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on program need.

Document Creation

At this level I perform as an extension of your staff, providing full-service support, examining your data and writing your narratives, preparing your documents, and interviewing your faculty members for the necessary information. This is a long-term partnership, spanning the entire 18+ month duration of your CAEP preparation and review process

ditch the stress

Let's get you on track for CAEP reaccreditation – the easy way.

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