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I understand how much you have on your plate as a faculty member in charge of your EPP’s CAEP review, and it can be difficult to even know where to start.

As an experienced CAEP reviewer, I provide educational preparation providers (EPPs) an outside resource with an insider’s perspective on the CAEP review process, to help you get your program across the finish line with confidence, ease, and as few AFIs or Stipulations as possible.

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Who is Educational Assurance?

I’m Dr. Matt Binion, Ed.D., and I currently serve as an Assessment and Accreditation administrator at the University of South Alabama. In addition, I assist other EPPs who are working toward their reaccreditation with CAEP.

I know all too well how daunting the CAEP reaccreditation process can be. It was not long ago that my own EPP went through the process. In November of 2020, we were reaccredited with no stipulations or areas for improvement (AFIs), earning the Frank Murray Leadership Recognition for Continuous Improvement. In recent years I have assisted several other large EPPs achieve reaccreditation with very positive results.

Additionally, I have served as a volunteer CAEP reviewer for 5 years, sitting on review boards for over 10 schools. Prior to that, I served as a SACS reviewer for 6 years, so I have been living and breathing assessment and metrics for a long time. I believe in helping educational preparation providers create, maintain and sustain quality assurance systems to create “cultures of assessment” that meet rigorous national accreditation standards, so that they can produce high-quality, well-prepared teachers. 

I offer a full range of accreditation consulting services, tailoring my services to the specific needs of the EPP. Some schools simply need a second set of eyes on their SSR narratives, while others need more hands-on assistance, such as quality assurance system creation and document production. 

If your EPP has a CAEP reaccreditation on the horizon, let’s talk about it! Book a Free Consult today and we can discuss how Educational Assurance can set you on a path to success.

Beyond Accreditation

You want to get your EPP fully accredited by CAEP, but I can take you further than that, helping you develop an authentic continuous improvement system that benefits your faculty, students and constituents.

CAEP reviewers can tell when you are just going through the motions, lacking an authentic understanding and appreciation of the systems and processes needed to ensure a high-quality, continuous-improvement program that yields excellent educators. I can help you achieve that understanding and set sustainable systems in place with longevity in mind, so that you as an EPP can demonstrate with authenticity the rigor with which you evaluate and assess your teaching programs.

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